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Engineered by an ISO manufacturer with over twenty years' experience in OEM capacitor fabrication, Linebacker® capacitors are manufactured by the OEM factory and are 100% in-line production tested to the same rigorous standards.


  • 10,000 AFC pressure sensitive short circuit interrupting capability
  • 3-year warranty from the date of purchase
  • Continuous life tested, oil leak tested and dielectric tested for insulation effectiveness
  • Life tested to 85° C operating temperature for 10,000 cycles
  • Manufactured with thick polypropylene foil to handle increased operating temperatures
  • Meets EIA-456A accelerated life test at 70° C for 60,000 hours
  • PCB-free oil to prevent over-heating
  • UL File # E352486
  • US and Canada UL approved (C22.2NO.190)
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Voltage: Up to 440 VAC
Operating Temperature: -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)
Foil Thickness: 6.0 µm +/- 5%
Standard Tolerance: +/- 5%
MFD Value: 25+15
Style: Round
Size: 1.97x4.13
Condenser fan motors
Furnace blower motors
Refrigeration Compressors
Air conditioning compressors
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Can I replace a 370 VAC capacitor with a 440 VAC capacitor?: Yes you can. A common misconception is that you must have a 370 volt capacitor to replace a 370 volt capacitor. However, the voltage rating on a run capacitor displays the voltage that should not be exceeded.
Why should I replace the run capacitor with the same MFD rating?: A larger or smaller MFD rated capacitor can cause energy consumption to rise and shorten the life of the motor due to overheated motor windings.