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RIM1076--ICEMAKER W10251076

Refrigerator ice maker kit. If the icemaker is not working make sure the freezer temperature is around zero degrees Fahrenheit. If so, the icemaker or water valve could be defective.


  • 4 pin wire harness
  • 6 Cube mold
  • Designed to fit Whirlpool® brands including Maytag®, KitchenAid®, and others.
  • Replacement for part numbers WPW10251076, W10122576, & W10251076
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Voltage: 120V
Domestic Refrigerator

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Replacement Part:W10122576
Part Description:
Manufacturer :Whirlpool®

Replacement Part:WPW10251076
Part Description:
Manufacturer :Whirlpool®

Replacement Part:W10251076
Part Description:
Manufacturer :Whirlpool®

No Accessories Available

What is the part number for the harness?: There are no harnesses sold separately. You will need to replace the entire kit.
The icemaker only cycled once, and doesn't go back on unless the arm is manually pushed down?: The arm is likely not installed properly. Align it flush to the side of the icemaker, then install per instructions.
Where is the ice level adjustment screw?: Under the white cover, on the side of the module. DO NOT OVER TURN!
Everything is installed correctly, still not making ice?: Freezer needs to be 0° or lower before the icemaker will call water valve for water.
What is the extra white plastic piece in the kit?: It is a bracket that is used in some applications, if your refrigerator doesn't already have it, you don't need it.
How do I select the correct icemaker for my refrigerator? : It is based on the model number of the refrigerator.